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Performance Management

Starting with effective one on ones, aligning employees with objectives and rounding it off with engagement, reviews and increased communication, we have the tools to help you improve the performance of your organisation.

Effective 1:1s

Collaborative talking points
Manager and employee can contribute to talking points before the meeting, adding agenda items they consider important
Action items
During the meeting action items can be taken for followup and review at the next 1:1
Both public and private notes can be taken by both participants for later review, with the 1:1 being stored and an email transcript being emailed


Track and manage objectives
Whether at an organisation, department or individual level, we have you covered.
Key results
Create key results for individual objectives, assign them and track progress towards your goals
Accountability and transparency
Foster accountability with visible objectives and key results across the organisation.


Save time on 1:1s, focus and align staff with personal and organisational goals and track key results driving up performance.


Build talking points for the 1:1 meeting collaboratively, pulling from previous action items, notes and review data

Action Items

Jot down action items, track progress from one meeting to the next and supercharge your performance


Build shared and private notes for your 1:1 meeting, review previous notes and keep track of progress


Align objectives across the organisation, departments and individuals with objectives and key results

Key Results

Track progress towards key results during reviews, highlight impediments and keep alignment across the company


Gain insights into objective completion, as well as the number and regularity of 1:1s being held by managers

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