About Us

Why we are here

Redefining HR

We believe HR is the cornerstone of every successful organisation, and as companies workforces have become more diversified over time, HR processes and practices have become more strained to keep up with the latest demands from employees, regulators and competition. RallyHR set out to address these challenges for organisations head on, with a focus on becoming an all-in-on platform focused on simplifying the life of HR departments, but keeping a focus on employee satisfaction and management visibility.

Our Story

Founded with a mission, by veterans who had suffered through the spreadsheets, the copy and paste, the broken systems, we set out to fix it. RallyHR is not an incremental approach to HR systems, we broke it down, and rebuilt it, to streamline processes, remove archaeic steps and fundamentally re-think the way companies interact with their staff. The end result, happier staff, more engaged employees, a faster, more enjoyable HR process and better overall insight into HR practices across the board, a triple-win.

We live in the trenches, having hired thousands, interviewed tens of thousands and lived the HR processes every day for years, but we love it. It is the life blood of the world around us. There are more than 800 million companies powering the global economy, putting food on the table for every single person on the planet, and HR is every present, our goal is to make it not only the best experience, but a consistently great experience for every employee, employer or partner who chooses to work with RallyHR. We power the human economy. People matter.

Revolutionary HR Software that your employees will love

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