Connecting with your staff

Employee Engagement

Engage employees with weekly reviews, solicit feedback and measure the pulse of your company getting insights more frequently, while opening up communication and encouraging more transparency and openness. Leverage our praise tools to increase morale and improve overall company performance with highly engaged employees.


Open Communication
Weekly, rotating questions to solicit feedback from employees and engage honest communication
Track review to review feelings across the company, get insights, review trends and take action
Tailored Questions
Tailor your questions to suit individuals, departments and teams, or let our automated process take over


Employee Appreciation
Bring recognition public with praise, a quick way for colleagues to highlight each others contributions publicly
Increase Morale
Peer-to-peer recognition has been shown to increase morale and decrease staff turnover
Highlight performers
Consistent performers don't always stand out, increase your visibility with praise and reward staff for performance


Encourage communication, increase participation and introduce peer-to-peer feedback to increase morale, increase employee engagement today.

Regular Reviews

Receive feedback from employees on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, consisting of standard and randomised questions


Encourage open and honest communication allowing employees to praise and recognise each other for a job well done


Track the pulse of your company and see how people are feeling

Question Bank

Pull from our bank of standard questions covering topics from employee wellness and managerial oversight to company benefits and environment

Custom Questions

Build your own questions using our custom question tool, schedule them into upcoming reviews and tailor reviews to suit your needs

Flag Issues

Quickly flag issues to follow up or review, @mention others to involve them in a conversation and resolve issues, encouraging open and honest communication


Create custom one-time polls, distribute them to the entire company, or a select group

Industry Benchmarks

See how your company compares to others in your industry, and more broadly to others globally


Get insight into employee engagement, pulse responses, trends and more with custom reporting

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