A platform designed to
improve performance,decrease paperwork,simplify time off,manage onboarding

Centralised. Simplified.

HR Software to set you free

RallyHR is designed from the ground up to to simplify HR management for small and medium businesses, freeing up HR to get on with the important stuff. Deploy RallyHR in hours and save yourself days of work, automate away the mundane tasks, free up your employees and your HR team, and focus on doing great work.

Time Off and Leave Management

Flexible policy management
Our flexible policy management will simplify your time off policies
Approval process
Multiple stepped approval processes make time off approvals easy
Mobile requests + Who's Out Calendar
Not in the office? Employees can request from our mobile apps, managers can approve on the go as well.

Employee Onboarding

Task management and assignment
Create onboarding policies, manage tasks and automate processes to simplify hiring at scale
Track onboarding
Get a bird's eye view of the onboarding process, follow up on outstanding tasks and ensure everything is ready for your new hires first day
Easily offboard employees with the same task, template and assignment processes, ensuring nothing is missed at this crucial time


Simplify your HR department with a centralised platform, free up your time to focus on doing better HR work, and automate away administrative tasks.

Centralised Records

Keep all your employee data in a single place, from job information, compensation, notes, and more. All searchable and available on any device securely.


Master employee onboarding with customised onboarding processes and tasks, automatically assign tasks to staff members and track progress.

Time Off

Manage policies and accruals across multiple levels, in different locations with ease. Employee requests, modifications and approvals, even from mobile apps.

Company Directory

Find employees by name, department or location complete with profile pictures and contact details. Not in the office? No worries, you can do this from our mobile app as well.

Employee Self Service

Enable the self service feature and allow employees to provide correct their out-of-date information and keep your data in sync.

Approval workflows

Delegate approvals using the approval workflow tool, including multi-level approvals for time off and information updates.


Store and share documents with individual, groups, departments or globally such as policies and keep all contracts, paperwork and agreements in a single place.


Control permissions with role based access control down to the individual field level, giving you complete control over your information.


Quickly report on turnover, salary history, and more with more than 12 different report types, custom filter and report types.

Revolutionary HR Software that your employees will love

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