HR for growing companies

Rally your team into RallyHR

HR is the cornerstone of every great organisation. RallyHR helps your team by introducing automation, mobility, performance and visibility while simplifying processes.

HR can focus, employees are happier than ever, and management has insights like never before.

Transform your HR

Increase your collaboration, open your communication, and drive new levels of performance.

Modern HR.

Centralise HR
Centralise HR functions, automate processes and free up your staff to do great work
Minimise Paperwork
Remove manual paperwork, add approval processes and manage on the go with mobile
Improve Performance
Use reviews, 1:1s and objectives to increase performance and collaboration
All-in-one HR Platform

Engage Employees and Increase Performance With RallyHR

Explore our platform components, each integrated to deliver a comprehensive HR platform to growing businesses.


A single place for all your employee records, time off, onboarding and more


Increase performance with 1:1s, align staff with objectives and key results


Encourage open communication, run surveys and leverage peer-to-peer praise


Hosted job board, candidate management, talent CRM all-in-one


HR on the go, time off, approvals, company directory

Developer API

Integrate with your new HR platform to drive your business forward

All-in-one HR, performance and engagement

RallyHR automates administrative tasks so you have more time to do great work.

Revolutionary HR Software that your employees will love

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