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Sourcing, interviewing and hiring the best candidates can be hard work for most well staffed HR teams. RallyHR brings tools to help you minimise the time spent administatively and maximise your time on the important things, getting the right candidates in the pipeline through the pipeline and successfully into your company. Take a closer look at our recruiting tools.

Hosted Career Pages

Ready to go
Setup in minutes, automatically updated with your latest openings, our hosted career pages make sure your applicants always know which positions are available.
Customisable and brandable
Beautiful out of the box, but infinitely customisable and responsive on mobile, your brand will look great, just what you need to attract applicants.
Embed us directly into your existing website, or leverage our API for deeper integration.

Candidate Profiles

Single candidate view
Get all information in a single comprehensive view, including next steps, current pipeline process, feedback from interviewers, source, previous applications and more.
Collaborative hiring
Add comments, tags and notes following interviews, @mention colleagues to loop them into discussions as you move candidates through the hiring pipeline.
Talent management
Maintain and build a database of all your candidates, immediately searchable for backfilling roles and keep candidates tagged for later followup when positions open up.


Coordinate your hiring efforts, standardise interviews and feedback, centralise candidate profiles and build a talent database to drive your recruiting forward.

Careers Page

Hosted careers site for your job openings, brandable, customisable and integrated with LinkedIn

Job advertising

Post jobs to multiple job boards automatically, free and paid, with a single click.

Employee referrals

Employees can refer candidates easily, source tracking allows attribution and rewards for employee referral programs

Custom pipelines

Customise your hiring process per department, or job as necessary to get the best process for each opening


Comment on candidates, @mention other staff members and collaborate during interviews


Full text search across all candidates allows you to find anyone, quickly, the way it should be

Candidate database

Build up your relationship with candidates for future staffing needs with our talent CRM, keeping all your candidates in a single place

Source tracking

Understand your most effective job boards and recruiters with visibility at a candidate and job level


See your hiring velocity, source success rates, pipeline drop off rates and more

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